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BLUE POOLS  Service is Cyprus 1 st leading pool and spa  servicing company. For more than 20 years, we have provided  local pool owners with expert cleaning, repair, and maintenance  service.  

Let us show you what hundreds of our satisfied customers already  know that there is no better choice for residential pool service on  the entire island of Cyprus.


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Introducing our Company

Blue Pools company Service is the leading pool service company in Cyprus.  

We specialize in pool maintenance including pool  chemical service, cleaning, and we are experts in pool repair. 

 We are the choice for thousands of clients since 1982!  If you are in the market for swimming pool service in Cyprus- we  are your Company. 

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Our repair department fixes or replaces all brands of pool equipment. We offer new energy efficient motors that meet the new Energy Efficiency systems, as well as a host of products designed to reduce your energy bill and provide you excellent results.

Our repair department warrants its equipment work for one year, and in all cases that our license allows we are the warranty center for the equipment you buy from us- one call resolves your issue.
We fix pool motors, pool timers, pool lights, pool heaters, pool filters, pool pumps, pool valves, pool plumbing, pool tile, pool skimmers, and main drains including VGB compliant covers, pool leaks, pool automation, in-floor pool cleaners, automatic pool cleaners, and pool handrails.



This depends on the size, volume of water and the general use of your installation. Advice Never compromise on maintenance, health or safety for the sake of a few €,s. This is total false economy and will eventually catch you up.
None, we set a price for the full year, we clean once per week (standard package) in the winter months and twice a week in the Summer months. Here in Cyprus are quite short, but can also be quite dangerous for pools as heavy rainfall means overflowing, debris in pool etc., or if we get a warm spell this will promote early algae growth. Advice: We or our clients don’t control the weather, poor winter maintenance generates problems at the start of the season which could lead to extra expense. Again, don’t compromise on maintenance.
Every time you clean. Advice: Invest in good quality test equipment, the most common treatments from doctors come from people who maintain their own installation. Or get your water tested for you at least once per month
Only the dimensions of your pool, volume of water, type of equipment will tell you this, it’s a mathematic formula calculation, information on request. Advice: Standard pools need around 6 hrs constant running for the whole volume of water to run through the filter system. Again don’t compromise or guess, bring you pool info to our office and we will calculate exactly for you.
The verdict here in Cyprus is out on this one. As the winters are so short it will take 4/5 years to recoup any costs against purchasing winter covers etc. Personally from experience we would not winterise a pool, it rains hard here and pool covers need to be emptied on a regular basis which really negates the result of winterising as it still need maintaining in some form. Advice: My experience would tell you not to winterise the pool especially if it’s a holiday home as time away from the installation may result in further unexpected damage.
Only a qualified pool engineer can get indemnity insurance against his / her work. If there is an accident or illness in or around your aquatic facility and the client requires treatment then you could be in for a compensation claim. If your maintenance person is not qualified then the claim will fall back to you. The “ no win-no fee “ solicitors are very active in Cyprus due to the fact many operators are not qualified . Don’t leave yourself open , ensure your pool engineer is registered, qualified and insured . Don’t take their word for it ask for the qualification and sight of insurance. don’t take our word for it, check it out. This is especially important if you are renting your property as clients will not think twice about making a claim!!  Advice Protect yourself, Protect yourself, Protect yourself. Look at another scenario , its not a client who may make a claim but a friend or member of family. if they are infected with Crypto , Shigella or Giardia ( the most common forms of Bacteria in pools ) and are taken ill it could mean hospitalisation due to dehydration. Who pay`s ? what if they are not allowed to fly home until the illness is clear, who pays for the extra flights? Protect
Ionisers and Ozonators are simply 2 of the many forms of mechanical pool sanitisers. Yes they replace the majority of chlorine, but only if they are running your pump 24hrs a day. Once the pump stops running the water stops passing through the Ioniser or Ozonator and therefore stops sanitising . They are a very good form of Sanitisation but more commonly found in larger or commercial pools where the pumps run 24hrs a day, then they are very effective ” however “ If you use one in a residential pool where the pump only runs for the typical 6 hrs per day you must have at least 1ppm of Chlorine in the pool at all stages. This allows for total sanitisation when the pumps are inactive. Both the unit and the chlorine work in harmony to very good effect , but, your pool operator must be educated in pool water chemistry to know exactly how the whole system works or it could be a costly purchase.  Costs If you use an ioniser or Ozonator correctly you will be running your pump 24hrs per day so naturally the running costs will increase, but, you will be using far less chemicals so one will offset the other. This calculation can be done by your pool maintenance person who will be able to calculate via flow rates and pump power output the exact amount of electricity you will be using. Then you can calculate the extra electricity used against the reduced monthly chemical amount to find your exact running cost. If your current pool engineer cannot give you this basic information you need to evaluate their position and ask a suitably qualified person.  Advice Automated pool sanitisers can be very effective but please consult a qualified person for a second opinion prior to purchase and only purchase if it’s a benefit to you, many people are trying different angles to sell products because they sound good without having the general knowledge of pool chemistry or pool operation. This advice applies to all aspects of your pool mechanical purchases, if in doubt always ask a suitably qualified person for a second opinion. For further information please call 99661388
Absolutely, old technology inertia drive pool motors are usually the second biggest energy users at your home.  We offer energy efficient variable speed replacement motors that meet Florida’s new Pool Energy Law, and more importantly save you money.
What does this new local Energy Efficiency system mean The simple explanation for this system is: All residential pool pump motors on the circulatory system (attached to your filter) that are greater than 3/4 HP will need to be changed to variable or 2-speed motors when they need to be replaced. There are exceptions for motors still under manufacturers warranty, but all other motors on the circulatory system of the pool need to be upgraded when replaced. These new variable speed motors are a huge technological improvement over old inertia drive motors. They will save you money and we guarantee it.  If you replace your 1 HP or greater inertia drive motor with a new variable speed motor Bay Area Pool Service Guarantees you will save at least $1000 in energy over a three year period, and we back it up by warranting the motor for the third year ourselves- you can’t lose!
The weather is beautiful but my pool is too cold.  What’s the best way to heat my pool and/or spa?  Great question!  Short answer- Heat Pumps for Pools and Gas Heat for Spas, and yes get both if you have both.  Long answer.  We live in Florida and there are many times we wish the swim season was extended into the Winter or began early in the Spring.  The best way to heat a pool is with a source that can take advantage of that warmer air and turn it into warm pool water.  A Heat Pump is designed specifically to takes advantage of the warm air of Florida giving us an extended and early swim season.  Heat pumps are more dependable and efficient than ever.  They can even cool your pool in the summer!  Learn More!  If you need to swim daily for therapy or state of mind a heat pump with a gas heater as backup is the way to go.  We get asked about gas all the time.  Gas Heat is a great option to heat a spa.  It is the fastest performing heater and for the small body of water in your spa it is the best way to go.  But it is usually too expensive to use to heat a pool except in an emergency instance.  Solar heat  for your pool depending upon your house’s roof position may also meet your needs but has less dependability due to roof positioning, trees and cloud cover than does a heat pump
YES!  Our Mechanics are the best in the Industry, and our two lead Mechanics have both been with us for over 20 years!  You get all that experience, a professional pool mechanic, and a well stocked truck-  providing an over 80% first trip repair rate.  To learn more about our repair department please.
Yes, we schedule our technicians on a consistent basis to maintain your swimming pool. Exceptions during holiday weeks or severe weather may arise, but we will always communicate schedule changes whenever possible.
Blue Pools service does our very best to accommodate different scheduling issues that may arise. We service neighborhoods based on geographical zones per day. If an issue arises please call our customer service. Tel 99661388


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